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Contact Us

116 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, Indiana 46368
Phone: 219-762-1184
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Worship on Sunday

8:30am Garden Service
10:00am Sanctuary Service

Ogden Dunes Community Church

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Pastor’s Weekly Devotional

Pastor’s Weekly Devotional

As you were growing up, what kind of “signs” did your father wear? Was he approachable…available…reachable…accessible…knowable? Was it normal to sit on his lap, kiss his cheeks and share your secrets? Or, were you so intimidated by his austerity that occasionally, upon hearing his footsteps, you would hide behind a door, or anywhere for that matter. You felt these vibes blaring out at you: “KEEP OUT…DO NOT ENTER…NO TRESPASSING ZONE!”

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Ogden Dunes Community Church has a dynamic, inviting congregation, rich in tradition, glorifying God through worship, music, education and service dedicated to Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome to join us!